Damn it

Monkey’s school has just broken up. I love him, but really wish it was better timing, I have my PIP appeal in 10 days and I cant find a babysitter for him, so we are going to have to take him with us.

Plus with the moving and everything else, I could really do with him not being here.

Having said that though, I am looking forward to spending time with him, I think especially now, we need to be a strong force and to show him no matter what, we can get through this as a family.

But I also really like spending time on my own, which for 6 weeks is not going to happen, I think we are going to be a lot of park time

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4 Responses to Damn it

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Twofer: Let’s play boxes! Box forts, box basketball (with stuffed animals?), and box castles. ; )

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