Questions so many questions

One of the things having monkey around is the questions that is always being asked.

Mummy when did you first start drinking coffee

Mummy what was my first word

What was my second

Mummy who was the first person on earth

Mummy can I have that

Mummy when is daddy coming home

They are always coming and while annoying its not something I want to curb, because I think its important for a child to be curious but I do want to say sometimes stop with all the questions

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23 Responses to Questions so many questions

  1. Darlene says:

    It’s how they learn and grow. But it can be annoying after awhile. My daughter asked so many questions when she was little.

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  2. You said it so beautifully.
    Love n hugs to both intelligent mom and curious baby. ❤

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  3. TaffyKathy says:

    I don’t remember my question phase, but I do remember my “Why?” phase. Has he gone through that yet…or is that included?
    I agree that it’s important for children to be curious too and to always answer their questions and explain why. My parents failed on the “Why” portion…I made a lot of mistakes in the past.

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