Another meeting and again and again

Busy week this week. I had a meeting with the support group lady, then on Thursday I have a health assessment, followed by a meeting at the council to talk about housing.

I am not enjoying all of this, my life seems to be meeting after meeting and very little feels like it is actually being done, I am being reassured they are doing everything possible, but it never feels like that.

Maybe I should be on the phone weekly demanding to know what is happening. To be honest the whole thing is starting to get very stressful.

Our cats are going in a week time, I finally sat down to explain to monkey that they are going. I haven’t mentioned the dog yet, as I still have hope I can find something. The cats, however are different, we have to move twice in the space of 2 months, if that happens, there is no way it is fair on the cats, so I would rather move them to their very nice holiday accomadation till we are sorted. The dog is just happy to be with us, he doesn’t care where.

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6 Responses to Another meeting and again and again

  1. TaffyKathy says:

    Sometimes people need a little push & we can do that by being demanding. I try to be very patient the first 2-3 times, and after that…it can get ugly. However, it is also good to put yourselves in their shoes as well, that way we know if we are being too demanding (what we demand may be above their pay grade – I have asked for the manager on duty before) or just enough – don’t want to push them too far.
    Good luck!

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  2. manyofus1980 says:

    ug meetings! I hate them too! You had a lot recently 🙂 ug!

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