This was nice

Monkey and me did lots of things together today, the weather started out dry so we wondered to the park, by 11.30 it got too hot, I am not one of those overly protective parents, but also I have put a lot of time and energy into him so like to keep him safe, so we went back home and had lunch and started sorting out his toys.

This was tough as we had to sort it into a few piles, keeping but packing up, keeping and keeping out, selling, giving away and trash. I had to keep reassuring him that only those that he wanted to would sell, while also keeping half an eye on everything he wanted to pack.

Then we just spent the afternoon playing with various things. It was good to step out of the stress of life and live a time in monkey world

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6 Responses to This was nice

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Precious moments!!! 🙂

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