In my sleep

I think my sub conscious is taking a bit of a beating, I have been having the most vivid of dreams about things, its difficult to explain because I don’t always remember them when I wake up, I just know I wake up in a panic.

I realise because I am supressing so much, it needs to come out one way or another, so this is the way my brain has decided to deal with it. I am hoping that by the time we move, these new drugs, will take a large amount of the pressure and I won’t go downhill.

I need to figure out a healthier way to deal with it, hopefully the next session I have with someone, I can talk and see if they have ways of me dealing with it, its making my sleep pattern a lot worse

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8 Responses to In my sleep

  1. Cyranny says:

    Hey, I’m on a strike of nightmares too… do you think it could be some sympathy bad dreaming?

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  2. TaffyKathy says:

    I stress dream a lot – wake up the next morning feeling like I haven’t slept at all.
    Regular dreams wise are usually weird, I only remember them half the time, but the ones I don’t I just have that “weird” feeling.
    Idk if this really relates…

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