Yep I broke

It finally happened the stress of it all finally broke me, you know what it is was. The fact I might not get to see the end of the Biggest Loser Australia Season 10


Sod losing my home, the animals, my mental health, I damn well want to know what happened in a TV show.

Its weird the brain works, I am giggling about it now, its just a fantastic way to lose it and to be fair so very me.

Todayss plan is to finish packing up the lounge, my partner is off, so am hoping to get him to do a lot of things before Thursday and our day of never ending meetings.

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15 Responses to Yep I broke

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Giant (((HUGS))))
    Glad you were able to release pent up emotions! It is crazy what can be the straw to break our backs!

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  2. Learnography says:

    Stress and breaking? Your brain has everything for you. Try to look into your brain by closing your eyes for five minutes to achieve the state of silence. Disturbing factors will disappear soon. Be happy and keep smiling forever. Thanks for writing.

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  3. sunshine1979life says:

    I just broke and my straw was a lottery ticket, so I agree it’s strange what breaks us. One positive now you’re broken is you get to put the pieces back how you wanted them to be in the first place. How exciting is that ? You can now build a life you want from scratch and nobody can stop you. When you broken you’ve got nothing to lose, its a blank canvas. Have a great day

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  4. It makes sense. Our brains crave familiar little pieces of normalcy when the world falls apart, and when even something as simple as the ability to watch a t.v. gets lost in the crap… Sorry you’re having one of those periods where it’s so hard to even hold on to the little routines.

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  5. manyofus1980 says:

    lol. brains are weird! mine is in high gear tonight! ug!

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