Another day, another fuck up

I was due a benefit payment today and guess what, it didn’t appear, so we ring up to find out what is going on, to be told that apparently when a payment is due, it can go in at any time before midnight on that day. I have never heard that, its a new one on me.

Hopefully it will get sorted fairly soon and the money into my account today.

While I was dealing with that, the housing people came round to assess me. The problem with this, is monkey was in the same room listening to all, so I couldn’t be as blunt as I wanted to be and had to put a lot of my answers into child friendly ones.

And again the phrase but you appear to be dealing with it came up again. I think I am going to get sick of that phrase, yes I doing wonderfully, because I have a small child relying on me. I am great at dealing with the emergencies as and when they come up, lets see how I am doing in September shall we, or I could completely lose it now, and be useless in everything, of course, ultimately if my brain decides thats the way to go, then there is little I can do to stop it

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4 Responses to Another day, another fuck up

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    it sounds like these people assessing don’t know shit! they think because you act a certain way around your child that things are hunky dorey how naïve of them!

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  2. So you do get some kind of benefits while you are fighting for disability? That is good at least. Sounds like your system is quite different from ours.

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    • All our types of benefits are different, there are 2 types of disability benefits, there is a benefit for helping you pay your rent, there are 2 if you have children and one if you work and earn under a certain amount. All are different and you have to deal with different people and departments for each one

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