I think I am going to have to face it

That I might not able to blog as much as I do, I must admit I do schedule a lot of my posts, it is easier for me, when monkey is at home.

But, I am so behind at the moment and I have to think about if that is the reason why I am so anxious at the moment. I have recently been downgraded from OCD to OCD traits again, which I suppose is good, but the fact is I can’t let the routine go.

However, we have so much going on, I am not sure which way is up anymore, but something needs to give and that is the one thing that doesn’t produce any money, which is this, I am getting so good at surveys now, I am earning around a £100 a month, might not seem a lot and most is in Amazon vouchers, but it is earning some sort of money, you never know we might get into a place where these are for pure lego instead of food.

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10 Responses to I think I am going to have to face it

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I hope you don’t have to completely stop, I really love your blog. Maybe schedule one or two posts to go out every day? schedule them at night when monkeys in bed? and when you have a little down time? what do you think? xoxo

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