No sleep

My sleep pattern is out of wack, I am getting 2-3 hours sleep waking up wide awake and then, going again, this keeps happening and its not fun.

I look and sound exhausted and I still have so much to do, that I just can’t keep up anymore, I suppose a lot of it is just wanting Monday to be over, plus I still am trying to figure out a way to get to the council offices on Thursday.

Just repeat 2 weeks and this will be all over and then I can sleep for a week.

Also, I mentioned my health carer was going to write a letter for me for the health assessment. It is awesome, well its bad, because it explains exactly how bad my mental health is, with me putting my humour on it and to be honest its brutal to read, but she has included a massive bit on how I need to keep the Max.

If they get me in a property  that allows pets then my cats can come back and piss me off again

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4 Responses to No sleep

  1. oneta hayes says:

    Hi, I have missed you at my blog. Or if you have been there I couldn’t tell. Sorry to see you are still concerned about your mental health. Your blogs are still creative and cute. Hope you can keep Max. Glad to see you are still active on WP. 😀

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