Sometimes angels do walk into your life

I mentioned I had told my health care worker my concerns about what was going to happen especially to my dog and she said she would write me a letter, you can read the post here 

It was a very depressive read, mainly cause I hate reading how my mental health comes across to other people. However, she has put everything I wanted to say and so much better than I ever could.

Now while this doesn’t help me get my cats back, the thing is, if they have to put me in a place that accepts animals, then I am there.

I also have had a massive conversation with my family support worker about certain figures and facts that have been discussed as I know they are wrong.

In the UK we have to pay council tax, which is the tax towards our local community, to be housed we either not have any or the amount they say we have it be 75% less then we started this journey.

The figure they gave I know is my arrears from last year and this years council tax bill, my argument is how is that fair? So lets say my arrears from last year is £1000 I have to pay £750 of that to make sure I get social housing, but they are saying I owe £2000, which I know is not true.

I don’t want to start getting to an argument with anyone, but I feel that they are starting to use underhand tatics to not house me. If so I am willing and able to start pulling out the disability laws on mental health, which I have kept under my sleve, as I didn’t want to annoy them, however it feels like they are trying to screw me over on it, which while the council is just local government is basically still the government, and I have dealt with them enough in the last few years to now know the system and know that I am in the right

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6 Responses to Sometimes angels do walk into your life

  1. Cyranny says:

    I so should not complain…. Thank you for reminding me!

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  2. situation is different but reminds me when we had to put in a house transfer with our landlords. they rent several houses. there are no mold laws in Alabama. i think only a handful of states in the USA actually have mold laws. this means that if you have mold, the landlords don’t have to do anything about it. you are responsible for taking it out on your own. but!!! the nice little old lady on the phone told me that bc the mold was coming from a roof leak that the landlords were only willing to patch, not fully replace like they needed to, i could call a building inspector and have the house condemned for structural damage. **mic drop** We got our transfer! and some bonuses!
    Do what you have to do!

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  3. Sheila Moss says:

    You can only be nice for so long. My rule is I don’t have to play nice with people that don’t play nice with me. If you don’t stand up to it, they will walk all over you.

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