Meeting 3 social housing medical

This one I knew was going to exhaust me, as I had to go to the council offices to deal with it.

My partner was unable to come with me, so it was just me and monkey, which is ok, but it still puts a lot of stress on me.

I took my laptop and sound cancelling headphones for monkey, as I knew I was going to have to talk in depth about my mental health and a 6 year old doesn’t need to hear that.

The lady was lovely, but then so was my PIP assessor and look how that turned out.

Now I wait, but I am so exhausted this afternoon, I feel like I can sleep for a week. I might just chill out the sofa for today and start again tomorrow.

Monkey has found Netflix and a new show called the odd squad, which he is loving, so I can put that on, we might play some board games as well

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