Well this is some good news

Had an email from the housing lady, they have found emergency accomadation for us.


Its self contained which means, no sharing, it is flats, doesn’t have either balconies, an indoor swimming pool or a helicopter pad. But we can’t win the all.

Only problem is the dog, I am trying to figure out how to work him into it, they have said he is not allowed. I have said yes he is.

We will see, who is going to win this

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6 Responses to Well this is some good news

  1. Suze says:

    if the dog is a mental health service dog, yes he is allowed. if not a service dog, that will be a losing battle my friend.

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  2. Well, I’m glad they found a place for you, but I’m sorry about the dog 😦 That would be hard to deal with. If it is emergency accomodation, it is only temporary, right?

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