ye talk shite hen

Between myself and my family, everytime the council have stuck up a barrier we have overcome it.

Today that last barrier has been overcome, I ring them up because there was a house I had seen, that allows pets, is in an alright location, to be honest would of been perfect for us.

Talked to housing and their response was, due to not getting in by midday you are not going to be considered for this house.

My response, due to it being a bank holiday yesterday, thats not my fault. I must admit I was angry, they have more or less said I need to put my dog down if I can’t rehome him and now my argument is, you have already sent me a letter saying I was considered for a property but overlooked, so therefore I must be pretty high up that damn housing list.

I am not going to kill my dog, only to be offered a flat or house in a few weeks time, where I could of taken him.

I get there are probably people in more desperate situations and I understand that, but the way the local and national government dick people about and they wonder why they get slagged off at every opportunity

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2 Responses to ye talk shite hen

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    fucking hell! why should you kill the dog? stupid dickheads! they don’t care about you or your pets! fucking assholes!

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