Productive day

I got up early considering there was no monkey. I cleaned the house and as I went round, started packing up each room properly.

Now there are only boxes in monkeys room, plus a set of clothes for Thursday and his bed. Everything else has been put into boxes. My room had very little (apart from more lego) so I packed up the clothes I didn’t need for the next 2 days and cleared away even more lego.

Bathroom, was a piece of piss and the downstairs toilet was also easy. The lounge was a little bit more work, but I managed to pack away about another two massive boxes, plus the porch.

Tomorrow my partner is off, so he is going to be doing all his bits, plus a few jobs that I need him to do, maybe doing a charity run with some of the smaller stuff. Then its just the dining room and the room I have been avoided the kitchen, I have done some of the smaller stuff but all the plates, pots and pans are still in there, plus our store cupboard, filled with spices, vinegars and such like.

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2 Responses to Productive day

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    What great progress! When you said the bathroom was a piece of.., I thought that was bad at first LOL. Thought that could mean a very messy one (it happens ; ) Translation error UK to US. Ha ha. Understand about the kitchen – I don’t like to put away the food making things until the last minute! You’re on your way.

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