And it was Saturday

Saturday 1st September for me is a blur, it involved moving a shit ton of boxes, and watching the clock tick down.

I knew there was a possibility that I might not get it all done. If my partner had been helping me, then maybe, but then we would have had to bring monkey, which, as much as I love him, would of slowed us down, to being one person.

At lunchtime my mum turned up and took me for lunch, which tbh I needed the break, felt guilty for it, but I needed it.

Then my Dad showed and he started slamming stuff into the van like he was hulk hogan, thanks to him and his partner, we managed to get the last of the stuff into the van, out back at the flat, fill up the van with petrol and dump it off at the van hire place with about 3 seconds to spare. He then drove me back home, which was the bit I was dreading, its a good 6 mile walk from the van hire to my new flat, by myself.

I am not sure what might have happened if he hadn’t done that tbh.

I am not going to lie, Sunday we sat and looked at the boxes. Played with lego and sorted out our new bedroom.

I hope its not going to be for long, I am not sure all three of us are going to cope with sleeping together, for started both my partner and monkey snore. Plus monkey doesn’t stop speaking in his sleep.

That brings us basically up to date with the main bulk of the move.

On Monday, I had an appt with my shrink, I was still on a sort of high from the move, I think most of it, was due to making monkey think this was such a massive adventure, that I had convinced myself as well. Nothing like a born liar, then someone who has mental health problems.

The next post is going to deal with the rest of the last week and a half.


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6 Responses to And it was Saturday

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    is this temporary? the move I mean? Or is ita long term thing? xo

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