I left off, on the morning of the move

As soon as my partner got back from dropping monkey off, we started packing up this giant van, we only had the one day with this van.

We were due to pick up the keys at 11am, we filled the van and by 10am we were done. Weirdly my partner was doing worse than me, probably because while I was worrying about driving this damn van, he was worried about the actual move.

I was finding it easier to concentrate on the little things, like the £200 deposit, if I crashed the van, then consider what was actually happening.

By 11am, we were sat at the new address waiting, we had actually been here many times before. Its just behind a car park, we normally park in, when we bought fresh fish.

The lady finally turned up, and let us in. Showed us round our new home. Let me just say, normally for people in our situation, the council would place them in a B&B type place, where you would have to share facilities like a kitchen and/or bathroom.  This has not happened to us, due to my mental health nurse, writing an amazing letter, stating that this was not possible for me.

Also just to add, most people in the UK don’t have the massive amount of support I seem to have, this has happened due to a large amount of suicidal thoughts I was having back in January. So although it was a very very shitty time, some good has come out of it.

We have been lucky enough to end up in a flat with its own bathroom, kitchen and one bedroom. Yep, I have gone from a 3 bed house to a one bed flat and not only that but poor monkeys bed broke during the move and he is now either in our bed or on a mattress on the floor. We are searching for a bed frame for him, but we are not sure, whether we can actually fit it in, but as a short term measure it will do.

But back to the story, by 3pm (van had to be back by 4) we still hadn’t done half the shit we were meant to do, both myself and my partner were exhausted, we had shifted, all the furniture, white goods and loads of boxes.

By 5pm we had to pick up monkey, I phoned the van hire place and told them we needed to extend the date by 24 hours. £85 lighter (double the price of the original 24 hire) we had it. But it also meant, we would have monkey around us.

We spent the first night in the flat with a chinese and DVDs, monkey was in our bed with my partner and I was on the sofa, till we sorted everything out.

This meant on Saturday, I was back at the house, shifting boxes to the van by myself, trying to get as much emptied as possible, I am strong, but christ, it was exhausting.

TBH my mental health was taking a beating, my anxiety and OCD was in overdrive and I was struggling to keep going.

But Saturday was another day, just like the post is going to be


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10 Responses to I left off, on the morning of the move

  1. Maia Stone says:

    Goodluck on your new house. Moving sure takes a toll on people sometimes. It’s just the third quarter of the year but because of some circumstances, I’ve already moved twice. I’m proud of you for handling all those setbacks.

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    I think you should win a medal after completing a move! Well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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