I think, just think I am back properly

I finally have broadband, well I am posting on my partners computer, which is amazingly fast compared to my little laptop.

I feel I should start at the beginning, which was the move on Friday 31st August.

For those who don’t remember, just followed, or have forgotten, a quick recap, I suffer from general anxiety disorder, this basically means I rarely leave my house, I also suffer from Bipolar. I suffer from other mental health disorders but those two are the main ones which are important to this story. The bipolar, due to being when undiagnoised, I might have gone manic and spent a shit load of money we didn’t have and then have spent a large amount of time trying to get out from under this, while sending both myself and my partners terrible credit rating further in the toilet. This meant we were unlikely to be able to rent in the private sector.

The anxiety is very important in this, because from someone who rarely moves further than half a mile from their house, I have had to move 2.6 miles away.

Lets start this by saying, we are lucky that the council have to house us, we have had to give up our pets, which are part of the family, to be able to do this, as such they are now being fostered till October.

There is a massive part of this, which is very long, so I am going to try and make it short but its unlikely, I received PIP which is a disability benefit, with this I get more money off certain governments benefits and also a massive discount on council tax, this is something we pay to support our local government. A year ago, I was refused this, I have been fighting this ever since, but since I no longer get it, our council bill went up massivly and in January was given 3 months to pay £1800, I entered into a payment plan more or less straight away, but as such was then bumped from the social housing list for three months, till I could prove I was paying it.

Then I got told, that due to this debt, I needed to pay 75% off to be considered for a social house. Once again the goal posts had been changed, certainly in my eyes. This is when my family members got together and paid it. This means the council now have no excuse, as long as I keep up with this years payments.

This is where I stood on Friday 31st August

We picked this massive van up on the Thursday evening and we hit a wall straight away, in the very very very small print, we had to put down a £200 deposit, which we hadn’t been told about. Quick phone call to my sister, and I had the amount I was missing, which left us skint for dinner, but we had a van. A friend lent me a little bit more to cover dinner, so now I owe a shit load of people money, but this can all be sorted, once I have figured what I have coming in and out.

Friday morning dawned and Monkey was off to summer club and we were spending the day loading and unload.

And this is where I shall leave this amazing tale 😉

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2 Responses to I think, just think I am back properly

  1. Sheila Moss says:

    Glad it all worked out with a little help from family and friends. Hope the rest falls in place for you too,.

    Liked by 1 person

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