Bringing us up to date

The last 10 days have gone in a bit of a blur if I am going to be honest, my routines have all be out, monkey has gone back to school. I was way behind on all my emails, blog updates and surveys.

I can pinpoint a few things for you though, my mum, I told her I had left a shit ton of stuff at the house to be taken to the tip, she went and did that for me, she also shifted the last few things (with the help of my partner) so thanks to her and her car, we finally managed to move everything.

We did have to leave a bit behind, but the landlady is getting a skip and will dump them for me.

We are not unpacking everything, when I was packing up, everything that could possibly go into storage was packed up first, so we have a shit ton of boxes everywhere and while, we could put them in storage, it is just going to cost us more money, we may have to consider that we are going to be here past October, so will have to put the animals into kennels.

I am going to do everything to make sure we get a home to stop that, but for some really odd reason the council don’t consider me their main concern.

The Neighbour at number 2 introduced himself at the wrong time, it was when we were trying to shift the very heavy washing machine up the stairs (did I mention it was a first floor flat with no fucking lift) and got roped into helping us.

We have no white goods, incase you were wondering why we were getting a washing machine up the stairs. Which also doesn’t includes a cooker. I have become an expert in slow cooker recipes and microwave. Yes if you blog about food, then I have probably searched your blog for recipes.

I have finally hit a point, where I think I am up to date, we didn’t have any hot water till Wednesday 11th, which has been fixed and god it fills good to be able to have a bath that reaches past my backside, which hasn’t been filled with by a kettle.

Monkey is content, he hasn’t got use to not stomping on the floor, but we will get there. He is very happy to have his 3 bags of lego and 3 boxes of lego back, and is waiting on me to sort it all out. My partner seems good, he is much happier now he has internet on his computer and also that we have figured out the freeview on the TV so he no longer has to watch Lake Placid again.

As for me, that deserves its own post.

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