Not in the mood

I am not writing as much as normal, part of that is due to my mood

Part is due to my routines being out of sync

and part is due to what is going on around me, I am not really sleep properly. I often feel exhausted, regardless of how much sleep I have had.

Also the carpet in the lounge is giving me nightmares. I get this is an odd thing to worry about, but I find worrying about something easy, takes me mind off everything else.

I shall tell you the problem, the carpet seems to pick up everything, my hoover is ineffective against it, it won’t pick up anything on this damn carpet. We have gotten a brush thing, which picks up everything, but that is so time consuming.

Given the three of us, me with my hair, which falls out at a rate of knots. My partner and his psoriasis and well, monkey means we need to try and keep this carpet in as good as nick as possible.

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8 Responses to Not in the mood

  1. I’m feeling you on the “not in the mood” thing. i have the dont wants and have apologized for not being too social to many people already lol. it’s been a hell of a month. i hope yours gets better! and i hope you can find a better vacuum cleaner!

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    Sorry the carpet is a pain in the…neck. Sometimes when I’m really tired it’s harder to sleep. I find a camomile pill can help me relax enough to sleep, or my big favorite is magnesium chloride baths. Moving stress may have depleted your magnesium.

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