Guess who is back, once again

I am not sure how long my internet connection is going to last. My dongle is working, which is very exciting, but I think, its due to run out of money tonight, and we can’t afford to put more on till Thursday, something to do with food being more important than my internet.

However, we are in, it took 15 hours and about 7 trips in the van, when I have proper internet back, I will post the photos of my lounge and kitchen, with all the boxes in it.

As, it stands, I have unpacked monkeys room and put his bed up, the bathroom, the kitchen and most of the lounge. Tomorrow, I am doing our bedroom and that will be the unpacking done. I have a massive list of things to buy for the house, the flat didn’t come with curtains, one set of curtains fit two windows, but none of our others do, we also don’t seem to have curtain poles, I am hoping to come across them though. My partner has about 4 boxes to go through, which might get larger as I start going through the bedroom.

My partner, bless his heart, did most of the heavy lifting  yesterday, cooked dinner, put monkey to bed, then got up this morning, went to work and did a ten hour shift. I may allow him a lie in on his next day off.

We are both exhausted, unable to walk, if I forgot to  mention, we went from a first floor flat, to a second floor flat, so we had to get everything down the stairs, then up 27 stairs.

At some point, I am going to have to decorate, but that can wait, till we are settled, otherwise I am pretty pleased with us, we did a fab job, monkey is very excited about being settled and having his own room, he went to bed very happy. Especially  because we kept finding lego in various boxes.

I have been running on adreline for the last 2 days, yesterday I did the move, not having slept, so hopefully, I am going to balance out, but I can say I am going to sleep well tonight, last night I was on the sofa and kept waking up, monkey was in ours because we hadn’t made his bed.


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48 Responses to Guess who is back, once again

  1. Simon says:

    Good to hear you’re moved into somewhere better. I hope this means things are getting better for you 😀

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  2. Things will be better soon
    Hi dear.
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  3. manyofus1980 says:

    Great your in now and getting settled! That’s good! xox

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  4. Ahhhhhh. Now, chill out and get some rest. Moving is bitch. Bows the fun part. The nesting and such, making it yours. Glad to hear Monkey is settling in just fine. 😊

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  5. It’s good to see you back. 🙂

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  6. rugby843 says:

    Glad you’re getting settled. You’ll probably feel those trips up the stairs for a few more days.😉

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