So much to tell, but its half term

I have lots to say and post and generally bitch about, however my plans have been thwarted by the fact its monkey’s half term.

Also by the fact my partner has Monday off, so I cant use his super computer. However that is not going to stop me. I shall continue using my laptop, which has gotten faster, sine we got proper internet.

I am nearly all caught up with everything, so feeling happy with that, I still have the budget to draw up, however that is proving difficult as certain benefits are not in place. Yes the council I am looking at you and your four week wait, which cconveniently takes everyone into universal credit terrority, but that is another post.

Also just a heads up I am going to be doing some private posts, where if you want to read them you will have to request a password, this is just to protect myself as I fairly sure certain people, might be reading this blog, who I don’t want to know certain things. Sorry to be cyrptic on this and I know I might being paranoid, however you are not paranoid if people are out to get you.

I trust the government like I would trust Dr Shipman to do my medical

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5 Responses to So much to tell, but its half term

  1. Carol Anne says:

    can you email me the pw for private posts? or are my email addys

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