Its still tough

I think what everyone was hoping is that as I did the 40 minute walk to Monkey’s school every day it would get easier for me, that is still not happening, I am still panicking about it from about noon onwards.

I keep hearing but it will get easier, well I wish they would tell my brain that, I wish it wasn’t like this but it is.

I get they all want to support me, but I wish they would understand its not as simple as it will get easier, I want it to get easier, but it has been nearly 2 months and I still feel sick leaving to go and get him.

Although taking this in to account, at least I have started to think of the flat as my safe space, I didn’t think it would happen this quickly and as we start getting our own furniture in, it will become more and more like our home.

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10 Responses to Its still tough

  1. Simon says:

    I feel for you, that sounds harsh.

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