*Reblog* Simple Dirty Rice

This looks simple and delicious, I will be trying it, in the next couple of weeks

What's for Dinner Moms?

Now this isn’t the typical dirty rice that you think of when you think of dirty rice. My family is NOT a fan of Cajun spices so I made it in a way we would like. Do the same for your family. If they like Cajun spices add some to the dish if not what do they like? Flavor it to suit your family.

As you can see I served Italian sausage two nights in a row but you know what? My family never even noticed! The meals are so different that no one said anything about having the same meat two nights in a row.


This was actually really easy and tasty! This recipe can be made spicy with hot sausage and Cajun spices or savory with mild sausage and sage. It is up to you what your family will prefer.

My family likes the savory but every…

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