I can’t take it anymore

If I have to watch any more power rangers, monkey is obssessed with it, I get told all about it while I am being forced to watch it.

I am trying to train Monkey into watching other things, its a fine line though, although we have finally gotten to doctor who, strictly come dancing and he really wants to watch Lord of the Rings, which I am debating.

To be honest at this point, I would let him watch Saw if it meant I never had to watch another power rangers again.

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3 Responses to I can’t take it anymore

  1. rugby843 says:

    How old is he? Maybe some books a little older than his age might be a good choice.

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    • He is 6, at the moment we are reading the far away tree.

      I am sure he is going to get over it, hopefully fairly soon, he has these obsessions and then it stops and he doesn’t like it anymore, I am hoping this is going to last a few more days


  2. Revenge of Eve says:


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