You wont guess what it was

As you can imagine, it has been a very stressful time for myself and my family and throughout this I have tried to stay strong and upbeat, if for nothing else, but for my son.

However, while he lives in his bubble of lego and power rangers, I knew what could happen and that would be, being stuck in a small one bed flat till god knows when.

Now as we all know, this didn’t happen. However, during this time I had some very down moments, the main one being, when I was walking around and lost my thumb ring, this is something I have lost probably once every five years, I have never managed to find the size to fit me.

This ring is important to me, because its a spinner ring, it helps with my anxiety, its a good distraction for me. Much like a very small version of a fidget spinner.

Anyway, I lost it and it devestated me and bought me to what was probably my lowest point. Its the small things which can get to you, then the bigger things, which you might have no control over.

Some good news on this though, my new one came through the post today. Yes it is once again too big for me, but its mine and its pretty

Edited someone asked me for a photo


(photo not mine taken from amazon)

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4 Responses to You wont guess what it was

  1. I know what a fidget spinner looks like but I haven’t come across the thumb ring you have mentioned.
    How about sharing a picture?

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    cool! Enjoy having it! I haven’t ever heard of these. xx

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