I have been thinking

Of course this is always dangerous, but now we are settled and looking like we are going to live here for at least a year, I am thinking what to do with myself.

I have a meeting with my housing officer on Wednesday, not sure how that is going to go, but if it is all good and we have behaved for the last month, then that will probably be it for 6 months.

Anyway so after that, I am thinking, well what am I going to do. I am more or less stable, I want to focus on my anxiety, so that is a goal, I would also like to think about either volunteering at worst or a job at best.

On my walks to and from monkey’s school, I tend to either do math or replay films or tv series in my head, this is another distraction technique I use.

The other day I was trying to figure out how much money I would need to make, to make up for losing a chunk of benefits if I went back to work, yes I would prefer they do a sort of step system, where you build up to earning as they lower their benefits but it doesn’t work like that and its all or nothing. Anyway, I basically figured out, I could probably do 3 hours a day five days a week  to make up the money we would lose.

Now getting a job for 3 hours a day is unlikely, but that is something I will sort as and when I come to it. But my day is very structured, so I will need to change it and add those 3 hours in, so I had a think and I am going to study something from home, no idea what, but something to get me into the swing of things to work round while monkey is at school.

This is my latest thought, I am going to start researching it, but I still need to give these damn tablets time to make sure they are working, otherwise we start all over

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5 Responses to I have been thinking

  1. rugby843 says:

    Looking over my finances, due to circumstances, have debt to pay and would like to get a job. But my age, disability etc make it scary to try.

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  2. rugby843 says:

    Good luck whatever you decide

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  3. Good luck on Wednesday! Hope the meeting goes smoothly. Is there anyway you could work a remote job? Maybe there is something like that available. I did at one time and boy do I miss it. Would like to find something like that again.

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