Nearly there

I have nearly finished my furniture list, I must admit, it does seem to be adding up, but then I have gone expensive in the hope that I will find similar cheaper and its a win win situation.

What I really need to do is win some money on the lottery, but that does involved playing it, which I really don’t want to get involved in.

It was a good weekend though, I caught up with most things, played with monkey for a while and general slobbed around, I have done a bit more research and finally find the park I have been looking for, so as long as the weather is nice at the weekend that is where we are heading.

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6 Responses to Nearly there

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    We have fabulous thrift store in Madison where we’ve found lovely second-hand furniture.
    You’re in London, right? I found this shop that looked nice: and this organization; This one had reasonable prices too: Good luck! Have fun : ) Rebecca

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