But I don’t want to get fit….

I like sitting on my arse I really do, but doing anything up to 8 miles of walking per day is bound to have some effect.

8 Miles is the maximum, but it is normally at least 4, I do have the odd day where it is nothing, those days I love.

I am talking about the school run, I thought it was closer to 3 miles, turns out it is 2.1 miles, it takes my partner 30 minutes, me 40 and monkey 45-50 depending on what he spots on the way there.

Monkey though is getting really good on his scooter, to the point that walking I can no longer keep up, this meant that I was going to have to get on my bike again.

When we first started this, it was taking me 40 minutes to walk the 2.1 miles over the last 2 months, I have gotten it down to just over 30 minutes.

I tried riding it again and to my surprise I am actually fitter, when I first started it, I got halfway down the road and walked the rest of it, Monday was the first day I cycled, I half walked it half cycled it but on the way back with Monkey, I cycled most of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I muscles that I was unaware of it, but I am aware of them now.

Today, I think I cycled a good three quarters on the way there and again most of it on the way back.

The reason why it is most of it, is just before you get to my flat, there is what can only be described as Mount Everest and there is no way at the moment I can cycle up it, but that is something to aspire to.

The great thing about cycling is it is very much like having a panic attack, my chest is tight, I can’t breathe and at time I want to cry. I am being facetious of course, but it does help as it takes my mind off my anxiety.

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4 Responses to But I don’t want to get fit….

  1. Simon says:

    Sounds like you’re keeping active which is good, I need to cycle more. I would like to cycle to work.

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