Was that a tad judgemental?

We were riding home from school, because I am on the pavement, I generally ride behind monkey, making sure he keeps away from the road.

This works quite well, till we have to pass people and then its where we go towards the road or by the verge.

Monkey is well aware that he is to be by the verge at all times and if the person doesn’t move then to stop and wait for them to come passed.

As we were going there was this woman walking towards us, it was a wide pavement and she was by the verge, as Monkey approached her and made to stop, she suddenly took a massive step towards the road.

No problem, as I went passed I said thank you and her reply. Wee bairns should not be riding by the road. My response, he wouldn’t of been if you had moved over earlier and off I ride. Thinking judgemental cow.

I really hate people who judge other people based on a snapshot of their lives. Also Monkey does far more dangerous things on a day to day basis. I am fairly sure his aim in life is to give me a heart attack

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