We need to remember

On the way back from the school run today, I was people watching.

At the moment we have lots of poppies up and getting ready for Remembrance Sunday, on my way to and from school, I do tend to see a lot of older people.

When I was growing up a lot of old people had been alive in WW2, they had been living through those years, now as Monkey grows up, those that are older would probably been children, born just before or just after, with only the stories their parents told them.

As each year passes, the memories of those times fades, people can’t remember the feelings of the time.

I do wonder whether this is why we seem to be coming full circle and more or less talking ourselves into WW3, I look at the world now and we just seem to still be as shitty as we use to be, nothing seems to have been learnt. You would of thought 73 years on, we might have learnt something, but nope, we still have as much racism as ever, people are still not accepted for loving who the hell want, we are still battling disablism whether that be physically or mental.

It feels any steps we have made are such baby steps and in some cases steps backwards.

We have made such leaps and bounds in technology, never again will children be told you don’t carry a calculator round in your pocket. Nor will they know the pain of listening to music and getting up and having to use a pencil to wind the cassette tape back. Or wonder whether you have enough memory to record that last show.

I could go on and on in this vain (it taking 3 weeks to send and receive a letter) but my point is, with all these leaps we have made to connect humanity, we are still not learning from our past mistakes and we talk about how we are killing our planet and how Earth is not going to be able to substain us, this is not going to be a problem, because we are going to end up destroying ourselves before Mother Earth has the chance.

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8 Responses to We need to remember

  1. Well said. In fact, I would say instead of going forward, we are digressing and going backwards. People today do not know how to communicate with each other or even interact with one another. The technological gains we’ve made have only set us back that much more on a personal level. Everyone is only concerned about themselves and their needs. I too could go on and on. I think we are in a bad place right now, and it seems like it is only getting worse rather than better.

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    Really important issues you raise. Our Veterans’ Day is Sunday. Will we find a way to live in peace and make the world clean enough to live in for the next seven generations and beyond?

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