Well this was interesting

The housing association officer came over today, I different one from my actual housing officer. This one was a support one, I must admit I like her.

I, do however find, that they are either use to dealing with people who drag their feet or they just like thinking everyone who they work with is as dumb as a rock.

This one was have you changed over your utilities and it takes a hell of a lot to say nop, I was hoping not to pay it.

However the good thing about the support officer, is they tend to know certain charities that I might not have access to, but that they can refer me to, which has been exactly the case here, they knew of a scheme which might be able to get me a cooker.

I have to just sit tight and wait for her to refer me and then keep my fingers crossed that they are going to accept me.

So everyone, start crossing things.

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3 Responses to Well this was interesting

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    good she knew of somewhere to refer you on to! that’s positive! ❤

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