Another Friday another discussion with the DWP

As I usually do, I rang the DWP (department of work and pensions) to see if anything is happening with my PIP.

I got a lovely lady, who I am fairly sure I have spoken to before, who informed me that there was still no date set, and the average waiting time for my local tribunal is 34 weeks, that is roughly eight and a half months. I am on month 16 double the average wait.

I pointed this out to her, and she went away to reread my notes. Came back and said she was going to try and fast track me.

I have to wonder, what all the other people who have been fast tracking me have been doing. Cause by now I could of been lapped by a 3 legged tortoise.

Now we wait again.

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8 Responses to Another Friday another discussion with the DWP

  1. Colette B says:

    I can’t believe it’s been that long since you first wrote of this problem with your disability payments. Guessing the courts are struggling with prioritising and must have a huge backlog by now. I’m still waiting four and a half years now for local authority welfare advice but as basic living costs and rent met (and can complete two actions) probably unlikely to get PIP – they never paid my DLA claims nor my kids either – but they know when money’s owed to genuine claimants cos they release the info of ‘money not claimed’ when everyone’s too ill to go through appeals process to get it. It’s maddening isn’t it. Even quadreplegics don’t get disability payments if social services have provided independent living equipment and support. Probably a dodgey-lodge type racket running it paying to serial fraudsters instead of the folk who should be receiving it. Not the DWP’s fault when the police can’t tackle the lodge shit etc – especially now they think it’s some kind of ‘religion’ and made new laws to cover their dirty arses. Pardon my French Trina, hopefully. Fingers and toes crossed for you and yours. Dunno if I’ll get a post on in time but if I do I’ll join your link-party. Cheers.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    F**king crap! That’s awful! ❤

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  3. fakeflamenco says:

    The three legged tortoise analogy is apt! Fast track, indeed!

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