Getting back into a routine

I often find people on social media post a lot of how good their lives are, their family. There are lots of pictures of how they love spending time with their little family.

I do wonder who they are trying to convince themselves or others. I must admit then when I talk about my partner and monkey, its mainly in good terms, of course myself and my partner argue, monkey’s strops are legendary especially because he gotten a very logical side from his dad (that really is from his dad, unlike his stubborn side which I say is from his dad but everyone knows its from my dad and very little to do with me    :-p)

Anyway, we are still struggling with a routine, I am still not use to losing an extra two hours a day from doing the school run and this makes me stressed, which means things have been taking longer, as I try and do as many jobs as possible and not finish any of them.

Recently though I have noticed I am getting there, I am starting to get back to my timetable of blogging, I have caught up on my surveys, all the internet stuff I try and do before monkey gets home. It also helps massively that my partner’s shifts are allowing him to do the either the drop off or pick up at the moment.

The one thing that has been neglected which shouldn’t of been is spending quality time with Monkey, yes we sit in the same room and chat, but thats not the same as playing games, or turning off the TV and interacting with each other.

Yesterday I made the decision to start doing this again, making sure I spend at least a few hours a day just chilling with him, probably building lego, but playing board games which he is really getting into. If my partner is here, then he will join in, but more often than not over Christmas, we might see him first thing in the morning, then not again till gone 10pm.

Today is going to be the start of this, whether I am caught up or not, internet goes off and I am going to be doing something, monkey is growing up so fast and I have missed a good 3 months, probably more if I think about it, the last 2 months in the house, were mainly filled with meetings, packing and selling stuff.

I also know that this is a fact of life for many parents though, next year, it is probably going to be a fact of life for us, as I hopefully start studying or working, which ever one comes first.

I really want to reorganise his lego and start building his models again, as much as I hate lego, I hate the 6 massive bags full or various lego he has, but that is going to be up to him

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4 Responses to Getting back into a routine

  1. ruthsoaper says:

    Trina I wouldn’t discount that time spent walking Monkey to and from school. It sound like good quality time you are spending with him. Quality time doesn’t have to be about playing games or legos or only the things he enjoys. It could also be him helping you with cleaning up after dinner or folding clothes or any other of the things you might need to get done. Then you two could have time to play together.
    Sorry for the unsolicited advice – I’m a Mom and that’s what I do. LOL.

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    good for you trina! quality time is so important! I’m cheering you on!

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