Its not something I want to talk about but…….

This government are screwing up this country quicker than I thought possible and I am not talking just about Brexit.

I have been watching the news over the last few days with my mouth wide open. Jeeze, this is turning into a shit storm, if I lived in any other European country at the moment, I would probably be laughing.

Whether you voted to leave the EU or not, this cannot be what you wanted?

I do hear various things like we are going to run out of food, then other people coming in and saying that is not going to happen we are the world’s 27th richest country. They might have a point, but we are the world’s 27th richest country in the world with 1,332,952 three-day emergency food supplies being sent out in a year and that only really covers one charity.

We have a massive afforhousing shortage, which isn’t getting any better, those figures are being fudged by the way, as its probably a lot lot worse than the 100,000 that is being reported.

We are the 27th richest country in the world with 14 million people living in poverty and I assume that is based on when the definition of poverty was changed to make those figures look better, so its actually worse than it is.

Just to quote the UN report on the matter “punitive, mean-spirited, and often callous”, which have inflicted “great misery”

Brexit is going to hurt the UK whether it is short term or long term that is still to be decided but the fact is the UK was fucked before Brexit, people were suffering before that, there is no way this has all been done in 2 years, this has been done over a number of years with numerous governments, all of which are punishing the poor, while they get richer and then bleat on about how they are helping people.

Bollocks is what I have to say, to all of this, the UK voters have to do something and I am not talking about Brexit, I am talking about the government in general before we all end up sinking.


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4 Responses to Its not something I want to talk about but…….

  1. Colette B says:

    Hi Trina, hope things are going ok. It’s difficult not to feel stressy with things the way they’ve been this last few years, nearly a decade now. The country didn’t realise how much better off we all were under a Labour government until they were voted out but the New Labour (fem) brigade are as scary as Auschwitz re-opening! Stay strong and take a break from the national news if it’s getting too much. Maybe limit to local news if yours is still reliable. I don’t have telly so finding any reliable news is a nightmare, there’s so much contrived propoganda from US journalists even in the BBC UK news. Anyway, stay strong and keep your chin up. Hopefully I’ll do better at being around for your link-up party this weekend 🙂 Best Wishes (and apols to your readers here if my commentary seems anti-American, I truly have nothing against the American people in the main and Happy Thanksgiving to you if you’re celebrating the Holiday this weekend).

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