Should mention

Its rare I mention my support network outside of my partner and Monkey.

On occasion I mention certain initials, while I am a semi anon blogger, this is mainly to protect monkey rather than myself.

This blog is anonymous in the fact reader who find me, won’t know my full name and won’t get a photo of me, that is a personal preference for myself.

The reason I don’t tend to mention my support network alot is a lot of those freaks like their privacy, my partner being one of them.

This is where I start feeling old, but when I grew up the internet was not a thing let alone social media. I would say myself and a large amount of my support network grew up in a world where you didn’t take a photo of your dinner, run it to boots one hour processing, wait for it and then run it over to each of our friends, bang on the door and tell us if they like it, love it, makes them angry or if they would just ignore it.

Christ I still remember the TV when it only had four channels. Yet suddenly here it is, we can switch through 900 channels and still find nothing on, we can now be videoed 24 hours a day. I fall over and the chances are I am a youtube sensation over night.

Its just not something a lot of people I know are comfortable with, within their own social group its fine to share stuff, but when its out there on the big wide web, its very different and the with exception of my partner and 3 or 4 friends I don’t ask for permission to write about them.

My poor partner doesn’t have a choice, he is part of my story for better or for worse (mainly better honey, if you are reading this) my friends can tell me to cut it out and I am happy, but normally its not about them, its about how they have entered my story.

So I am not broadcasting their personal stuff all over history, but it sometimes can become complicated about what goes where.

However, just to let you know, they are there, there is a few of them plus my family, who also seem to have this thing about privacy

But I am lucky like this, I have a great support network on facebook, wordpress and in real life.


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  1. Yes I’ve been the same, more due to work commitments but now I’m freelance writing too I’ve had to “come out” a little bit.

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