Its been a I did it morning

I have been dreading this day for four weeks now, its the I need to go and buy food. This means a trip to my butcher.

For those who are not aware, I bulk buy my meat for a month, do a bulk buy home delivery for all the other stuff like, household products, frozen stuff, shampoo etc. Then we do a small weekly shop for milk and bread and fresh fruit.

My butchers are lovely, I just wish they were closer, like next door sort of closer, but they are not.

I got Monkey to school, then off I went on my adventure, by myself. I am going to be honest and say it was very unpleasant, several times I had to stop and calm myself, big deep breathes.

But I did it, I now have food in, my freezer is very very full and also I ordered my Christmas dinner, they are refusing to cook it and drop it off Christmas day for some reason.

But its a victory Trina 1 Anxiety 0

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6 Responses to Its been a I did it morning

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Awesome! Set for another month!

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