This is so annoying

Since I now have a cooker, (did you know I have a new cooker, I may have mentioned it once or twice) I am selling our counter top oven, we did debate whether to keep it, as it might be useful, but we have very little counter top room, so need all the space we can get.

My other half cleaned it, and I photographed it and put it onto facebook selling sites.

No one said anything, so I thought fair enough, give it time, this afternoon someone messaged me asking if it was still available, brilliant I think, reply straight back yes it is, that was nearly four hours ago and they haven’t replied back.

I know there are lots of reasons as to why, but I want to know now. Its very annoying and if I send one back asking if they want it, it just seems very pushy.

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3 Responses to This is so annoying

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    Arg, good to make the money selling things, but closing the sale is not always fun. I relate.

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