You are on top of the list

Its a Friday and we all know what a Friday means, it means ringing the DWP and see if I have a date for my PIP (disability benefit) tribunal, however I woke up in a really pissed off mood, so I was not going to stand for no, but I will make sure you are fast tracked line again.

I feel for the poor person who got me, but I did learn something new and I am just going to copy the rant I put on facebook here

Well you could speak to a manager but they will tell you the same thing I have said (and I quote)

“Yes you have been waiting a long time”

I know I have been waiting a fucking long time, but according to the DWP, the amount of time I have been on top of the list is since the 3rd October 2018, not when I first appealed back in August 2017, not the first tribunal date in July 2018 and not the second tribunal date in August 2018.Not the million of times I have rung since September 2018.  No its the fucking 3rd of fucking October when they received my fucking medical notes that they should of requested back in fucking July.

This means that every single phonecall from the middle of September onwards and I have been told that I am on top of the list has been a lie, the I will fast track you, has been a lie.

I am so fucking angry I just don’t know where to start

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1 Response to You are on top of the list

  1. Carol Anne says:

    shitty! glad its over now and you won! xo

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