I have found it….

For those who have been following me for a while, I am sure you will know I love a good moan. Part of how I motivate myself is being pissed off at something.

Recently I have had a problem, there has been little for me to be pissed off at. Yeah there is still my PIP tribunal and that always works, but that has been going on for a while now, so its starting to get boring. Brexit, however you voted for this, it is a shitstorm, Britain is going to be worse off, the government is in tatters and lets face it I never had a high opinion of this government anyway, but that has also been going a while, so is also a little boring.

However, I have found it, the thing that has pissed me off to the extreme fucking pedestrians taking up the whole fucking pavement and walking at a snails pace.

This morning, we were running late, not by much but enough for me not to want to be stuck behind a woman and four kids, walking in a line taking up the whole of the pavement.

Monkey is not confident enough to say excuse me in a very loud voice. I on the other hand get impatient and my anxiety turns into annoyance, so I do.

If my 6 year old can walk faster than you, then you need to not hog the whole fucking pavement, the other thing that is annoying me, pedestrians walking in the cycle path and then wondering why I look so fucking angry when I am speeding past on my bike.

So if you live anywhere near me, stop using my cycle lane to walk in.

Rant over, but boy do I feel better.

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