Not sure that turned out the way I wanted

My mental health nurse, sent me an email last week and wanted to bring round a new support person. This guy is specifically to help me with my anxiety to try and get me out and about, which although I am doing, the run up to the school run and the come down is crippling and I am really struggling on some days.

I had some great advice from a friend once about the medical staff that might help me at any point during this journey, which was they are there to help, don’t bullshit them, don’t put on a brave face, just tell them what you are feeling.

This advice has helped me a lot because while I can still joke around with them, even when I am at my worse, I am honest in the fact that my humour and sarcasm is one of my main coping mechanisms.

Hopefully this will help with the new guy.

Anyway back to my email, which gave me the time and date and saying she would update him on how I am doing at the moment. I replied confirming that the date and time was fine and that she was to say nice things about me and not mention certain words like sarcasm. She has just replied back with, I am just going to forward that email.

Damn it

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