I am going through a really weird slump, I just cannot think of anything to write about. I know this is going to change on Friday, after the visit from my mental health team. Also I will probably have a post that rants about PIP.

Its really weird, I think because everything moved so fast for us over September and October, I am not yet use to the slow movement.

Then again I suppose its a good thing, things have calmed down and we are now returning to what is going to be normal for us.

We are still getting use to living in a flat, having come from a house. There are some things which are similar, such as sharing a wall and in the flat weirdly, we are sharing less walls than in the house. Difference we have neighbours downstairs, so we try not to stomp about too much.

The rubbish, that is starting to annoy me. I recycle, everyone should, its important for this Earth. Guess what? No recycling bin, everything gets shoved in together.

Tumble dryer. I really miss my tumble dryer. The dishwasher I can live without, also I enjoy people watching when I do the dishes, but I miss my tumble dryer.

Other than that and the new distance we have to travel, its very similar, people are all the same really anywhere.

For someone who is struggling to find things to write about, thats a pretty big post.

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