Elf on the bloody Shelf

When I first started this, I thought this is going to be an amazing tradition for my son, I was bored by the end of it.

Ever year I think, nop not doing this again, every year out comes the damn elf.

So far this year the elf turned up with decorations, he has found all the cables we lost during the move, so we can light up monkey’s night light and christmas tree, he has decorated the tree with underwear, which according to monkey he did last year as well.

To be fair he did, he has also done that the last 5 years.

Sometimes Nestor the elf does things when Monkey is at school, for example today, I realised that Monkey’s fav soft toy has lost both his legs, the simple thing would be for me to sow them on. Instead I have put Nestor is a doctor’s outfit and Bunny in a bed and by the time I get home Bunny will be all cured. Nothing to do with me, nop honest guv.

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5 Responses to Elf on the bloody Shelf

  1. He’s seems like a handy guy to have around. 😏

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