its arrived

In our flat we have a balcony, it is going to be great to sit there in the summer, but we do have a few problems with it

  1. It feels like everyone can see in
  2. Monkey, he is called monkey for a reason and its because he climbs everything, so far he has not been allowed out on the balcony, because if I blink he will be over it
  3. The cats, I don’t them jumping to their deaths

We looked into it and decided to get some bamboo screening, this would solve all 3 of our problems. However with 2 cats, we really needed one that is 2m high, this gave us a whole new other problem

I like the sun streaming in, a huge screen would block that out. Also I am nosy, I don’t like people seeing in, but I do like people watching, but the main reason is the sun.

We have gone for a 1.5m high and just have to pray the cats are too lazy to jump it.

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