Have you ever gone back and read your childhood books?

When I was a kid I love Enid Blyton, who wouldn’t? They followed a similar theme, various children having massive adventures and getting the bad guy, they were always brave and had picnics out in the open air.

I read them again about 10 years ago and nearly had a fit at how sexist they are,

Julian: Lets go on an adventure Ann can cook the tea.

Ann: Oh that sounds good.

Why the fuck could Ann not say, fuck off Julian and cook your own fucking tea.

I am now reading them to my son, yes they are bad, but also they were a product of the time, they are still very popular, so sooner or later he is probably going to read them, so I might as well turn it into a lesson as to why the thought process of the time was so wrong and how women are just as good as men and quite frankly, it could of been Ann going off on an adventure and Julian cooking the tea, crying in a corner

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5 Responses to Have you ever gone back and read your childhood books?

  1. I am an ardent fan of Enid Blyton.
    Today she is accused of being not just sexist but also racist. Some people interpret her gollywog characters as a slur on African Americans.
    But like you said her books should be read in the context of the norms prevailing in her time.
    I re read her books when my children were growing up.
    Despite the “isms” her books teach good moral values but are a lot of fun at the same time.

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    Yep, had the same experience with a lot of them. When our child was little, I’d just change the words ; )

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