*Reblog* Meet Biff.

Cyranny has said it so much better than me, so I am sharing her post instead

Cyranny's Cove

Blogging, I am sure many of you will agree with me, is an adventure you embark on not even imagining the surprises it has in store for you.

In three years, I’ve had my fair share. I met many incredible people through The Cove, and I wish I could pay all of you Lovelies, an individual and representative tribute. But that would be a titanesque task.

I know how blogging is a rollercoaster, and I would like to help a dear fellow blogger get a little high, tonight. It is something I feel I should have done a while back, but as they say, never too late, uh?

I don’t recall if I found his blog first, or if he discovered The Cove and I quickly followed him back, but one thing’s for sure, Biff Sock Pow‘s nickname was the first thing that piqued my attention. Still to this…

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1 Response to *Reblog* Meet Biff.

  1. Carol Anne says:

    Love his blog! Very cool blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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