Thats a Christmas Present I wasn’t expecting

Finally after god knows how many months, I have my PIP tribunal date, yes its after Christmas, but at least we can start the new year knowing.

For those who have not been following this journey

PIP is personal independence payment, its a disability benefit which is given based on what you can and can’t do, it has nothing to do with diagnoises.

I lost PIP back in 2017, I lost the next stage appeal and then it goes to tribunal. While I knew I had to wait, what got me, was the fact that so far I have had 2 tribunal dates, both of which have been cancelled, the first was cancelled due to a member of the tribunal not being there, the 2nd was due to it being lunchtime and no I am not kidding. I was told on the 2nd the next date would be within the month, this was back in September, it is now scheduled for January.

But what means is no matter what happens, we can draw a line under this and crack on. I am also expecting to lose ESA, which is another disability benefit, so we are having to plan for that, but hopefully that will not be till March (probably my birthday present from the government)

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4 Responses to Thats a Christmas Present I wasn’t expecting

  1. fakeflamenco says:

    So glad it’s scheduled!

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  2. Carol Anne says:

    sorry you had to wait for so long for a tribunal date! sucks!

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