Lets start gearing up

Tomorrow is my busiest day, although probably not the most stressful/anxious. My main problem is everything is happening in a short amount of time, the main solution is my poor partner.

Let me try and explain this, it takes 40 minutes to do the walk to the school with monkey, round half an hour without. He starts at 8.50, I have a doctors app 5 minutes from the school at 10.30 and monkey finishes school tomorrow at 1.30pm.

My issue is the damn doctors app if it was at 9am it would be easier or at 12, then that would also be easier.

It could go something like this

Leave house 8am

Monkey at school 8.50

Back home 9.20

Leave for doctors 10am

Doctors App 10.30-11.30

Back home 12pm

Leave to pick monkey up 1pm

Lunch with my Dad 1.30

I did think of just wondering around for the four hours, but there is little to do near his school, no library or coffee place you can really hang out. At the moment my partner is going to do the drop off and we are debating whether we can get a bus ticket, just to make it a little easier, but then you have the odd throw ins, I might be able to get a lift back from the doctor’s so a 5 minute drive, my Dad will drop us off at home and it is only a fiver, but we could use that for something else and technically we would only be using it 3 times, if we can get lifts.

As I say my most busy but I think Thursday, when I go for my food shop is going to be my most stressful

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