Volunteering maybe??

I mentioned to my mental health nurse and new guy (I need to find him a better name) about the fact that I really wanted a job by the end of next year, this is not only important to help us claw our way out of the little debt we have, but also I desperatly want to be off benefits.

I am sick of fighting them and the sooner I stop getting them the happier I shall be. Our lives sometimes feel like they have been on pause for so long because of my mental health I really want to spend this year catching up, getting better and getting a job.

Anyway I mentioned that I want to put my new found knowledge into maybe helping people getting the right help, whether that be for benefits, housing, charities that can help them, debt help, mental health help. Things like that, that I now know a lot about.

Both seemed fairly pleased with the idea, my mental health nurse asked me if I had thought about going into social care work, but I am not sure I have the right attitude as I pointed out to her, the reason I love seeing her, is because I get to spend a full hour chatting about my fav subject. Me.

But practical help I can do, I think its something I would enjoy as well and might be able to fit into school time, of course I would then still have to think about school holidays but that is something to think of later.

I need to give it some more serious thought, maybe see where I need to brush up, grammar and spelling would probably be my main focus first.

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8 Responses to Volunteering maybe??

  1. It is in my plans to voluteer often in my area. I will work with local sex workers.

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  2. I think you would enjoy it

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  3. I will be required to take a course but I think I will be a good match. I seem to connect with others who have a story. I will help with the homeless as well through the same charity.

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  4. fakeflamenco says:

    Volunteering feel good, to help people, and it is great experience. -R

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