Lets Shake it up

I have been thinking, dangerous I know.

This blog has been about my journey with mental health and with the benefit system, on January 14th this journey is going to come to the end.

I am no longer going to continue to fight for any benefits for myself, however I will continue to fight the system, which is just so unfair.

This leaves me in a bit of quandary of what to do, do I start a new blog and shelve this one? Do I even continue to blog?  I would like to think my journey to recover is still just as important as the journey which led me there.

Overall though I think I am going to shake things up, I have built a lovely community here with people from all over the world, all with different views and I wouldn’t like to lose that.

Anyway that happened to be my thought process, I had a lot more swearing and going back and forth in my head, so these are just the highlights for you.

I have some ideas to put in place, certain things are not going to change such as the links I share and also the weekend share, I like those, but I like the idea of putting in a positive post about the things I have done and with the new guy (still trying to think of a name) this is going to be an important thing for me to hold on, and while I am not planning on fighting with the DWP, I still have one more benefit to deal with in 2019 and I sense that is going to be like just smashing my head against a brick wall.

Still loads to think of

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