Monkey has found computer games, I honestly think these fucking things should not be allowed to anyone under the age of 18.

Monkey seems to think he should be able to spend the time he gets in the door to the time he goes to bed on the fucking x box.

I disagree

So far, I am stunting his growth as a human, I am very mean, I don’t love him anymore

And this is just based on a few hours, not a few hours a day, just a few hours.

I came up with a compromise that he could have an hour on the xbox and he had to read me 2 pages of his book. It was like I started world war 3 and very possibly have wiped out all human race.

Being a parent is tough, but this is the first time we have come across something he will not compromise on, Which means, being the parent I am (in his eyes) sacrificing him to the Azetec and good luck to them.

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22 Responses to Monkey

  1. joyroses13 says:

    Stay Strong Mama ! They will test your limits about everything, but they will thank you in the end! Technology is great at how advanced it has come, BUT…there is still a limit on how much children should be ruled by it. Nothing makes up for reading a book and being transported to another place in your imagination!

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  2. fakeflamenco says:

    Man those video games are addictive! Limits are love. And kids know how to really challenge our resolve! -Rebecca

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  3. Carol Anne says:

    Xobx! wow! My nephews the same way! He’s six too! 😀

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  4. dray0308 says:

    Reblogged this on Dream Big, Dream Often.

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  5. Rabindranath Pradhan says:

    I agree with you.

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  6. We’re going through the same things with the iPad’s that Grandma just gave both girls on birthdays, so your experience is not unique but I love the sacrifice to the Aztec Gods piece. I am the mean one and have stopped just taking them away. I give them a 5 minute warning then a one minute warning and if I have to, I take away. I also use these things as carrots to get things done on the boat like room cleaning and homework-

    Chad at

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